ACE Membership benefits:

  • ACE database access – content area standards, year-long context maps, proficiency scales, and assessments
  • Year-long support for standards-based classrooms for school leaders and teachers
  • Unlimited attendance at ACE events
  • Unlimited access to the video library
  • Registration for summer institutes – hosted in Belgrade and Billings
  • Eligibility for school leaders to serve on the ACE board
  • Certification of curriculum director
  • Access to standard curriculum revisions published on the website
  • Eligible to register for fall PIR
  • Access to licensing NWEA (discounted pricing for schools with less than 120 students)
  • Summer professional learning about foundations of standards-based instruction for all teachers
  • School Year professional learning sessions for teachers (virtually after school day)
  • Current professional learning topics:  classroom management for new teachers, Emotional Poverty for All Demographics
  • Options available for additional consulting by ACE staff
  • Regular coaching and consulting are virtually available for all teachers and administration

By joining the ACE membership, your district agrees to the following terms:

  • Renew ACE membership dues by August 1, annually
  • All materials drafted and generated (assessments, proficiency scales, YLC, unit calendars, etc.) during professional development sessions may be shared with other ACE member schools.
  • Notify the ACE board in writing at least one year prior to the withdrawal from ACE