ACE will develop and provide meaningful curriculum and relevant resources to build the capacity of educators as they support students to achieve proficiency.


Montana’s leader in curriculum and professional development

Professional Learning

ACE supports schools with implementing high-quality instructional practices and assessments because teaching to the standards:

  • Allows transparent and honest feedback to learners, and it’s precise enough for diagnosis and prescription.
  • Provides an efficient process that allows more time for relevant and authentic experiences for our learners.
  • Prepares learners and develops skills they need to be self-navigating.

ACE supports school leaders and teachers with standards-based instruction, curriculum, and assessment. If a school wants to transition toward reporting as well, ACE can provide professional learning. Depending on the readiness of a district, implementation of standards-based reporting takes at least 3-5 years.

Member schools have access to our foundational summer institutes and then work sessions in our regions throughout the school year. Event Listing

School leaders wanting to learn more about ACE are invited to attend the school leader institute in Billings, June 13, 2022 or contact Jenny Combs: jenny_combs@mtace.org

ACE Schools Curriculum Revision Cycle – click here to review

Strategic Direction and Goals

Programs: Alliance for Curriculum Enhancement’s programs is focused on our core mission to provide cost-effective, affordable professional development opportunities related to curriculum and assessment that are responsive to the needs of the membership

  • Goal 1: Develop and implement teacher leader training opportunities
  • Goal 2: Implement and maintain the five-year curriculum revision cycle while continuing to refine the process
  • Goal 3: Periodically update and review program plan with membership input

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