Through cooperative efforts of participating schools, the ACE consortium will develop and implement a meaningful curriculum and related assessments that meet the academic needs of our students and the state and national requirements.

The ACE consortium will provide training and direction to promote curriculum development and assessment that maximizes student learning.

Strategic Direction and Goals

Funding: Alliance for Curriculum Enhancement seeks diverse sources of funding and an expanding membership.

  • Goal 1: Establish 501c3
  • Goal 2: Provide regional offerings and look for opportunities to invite non-member schools for a fee
  • Goal 3: Develop a fee for services model while continuing to build internal, organizational capacity and expertise to deliver services Develop a fee for services model while continuing to build internal, organizational capacity and expertise to deliver services
  • Goal 4: If clear goals or needs arise that align to our strategic plan, seek out and pursue grants
  • Goal 5: Develop corporate partnerships and sponsorships

Programs: Alliance for Curriculum Enhancement’s programs are focused on our core mission to provide cost-effective, affordable professional development opportunities related to curriculum and assessment that are responsive to the needs of membership

  • Goal 1: Develop and implement teacher leader training opportunities
  • Goal 2: Implement and maintain the five year curriculum revision cycle while continuing to refine the process
  • Goal 3: Periodically update and review program plan with membership input
  • Goal 4: Develop online meeting opportunities for PD and meetings

Visibility and Leadership: Alliance for Curriculum Enhancement strives to be the state’s leader in curriculum development through positive public relations and awareness of student achievement in member schools

  • Goal 1: Continue to provide professional development for administrators
  • Goal 2: Develop model curriculum including year-long context maps, unit frameworks, daily lesson plans, and samples activities and common assessments
  • Goal 3: Create an annual external communications plan and review outcomes and successes
  • Goal 4: Monitor outcomes and celebrate successes

Governance and Operations: Alliance for Curriculum Enhancement has a committed board and dedicated staff. ACE will continue to develop systems to maintain its legal and non-profit status and establish a “home base” for operations.

  • Goal 1: Develop bylaws, policies and procedures, implement, and review on a regular basis
  • Goal 2: Establish clearly defined board roles and responsibilities as part of an open meeting process
  • Goal 3: Review staffing needs and compensation annually
  • Goal 4: Seek a permanent home base and the technology necessary to effectively carry out its programs
  • Goal 5: Pursue and maintain IT for our website services


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