Eligible Teachers

Teachers are the single most important factor in determining student success. If we expect all students to succeed, it is imperative that we accelerate our efforts to ensure every student has a highly skilled teacher. Creating rigorous induction programs that help beginning teachers quickly become as effective as experienced teachers is one of our greatest opportunities for positive change in education today.

Who is eligible? Early Career Teachers are eligible to be part of the Montana Statewide Mentoring Project who are in their first few years of teaching.  Teachers can be certified, provisional, or emergency certified.

Priority is given to ACE schools and SKC area schools, but any district in Montana can participate.

Bootcamp:  ACE early career teachers are encouraged to attend Boot Camp August 5-8 in Billings. Non-ACE teachers are welcome to participate for a fee plus travel expenses for their teacher(s).  Teachers will meet their mentors in person during the Boot Camp.

What do teachers receive?

Teachers selected will be asked to sign a participation agreement clarifying expectations.